7. - 12.5.'99

festival of independent experimental art from central south east europe


  Berlin 1945

Aims of the Festival


  1. Promotion of cultural exchange between Germany and the former Yugoslavia
  2. Support of structures of independent art in the former Yugoslavia


Cultural Exchange


People from the former Yugoslavia make up the second most important minority group of Germany (after the Turkish population). Even though the majority of refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina have by now returned or will have to do so soon, the relations between Germany and the republics of the former Yugoslavia will remain in an above-average level of closeness. It is remarkable though, that inspite of tight individual and economic ties, the cultural relations have always been a one-way-street: There are hardly any Yugoslav influences to be found in German culture - much unlike, for example, the Turkish influences in Germany. There is a definite lack of knowledge concerning the Yugoslavian culture (or cultures). The little knowledge there is has during the war-time become covered by the stereotype of the folkloristic, backwardly oriented Balkan.

The organizers of the festival believe that this lack of contact is a loss to both sides and can be overcome in a steady effort for cultural exchange.

The "balkan black box festival" can offer a preliminary framework for such conatct. It may foster general interest in the Ex-Yugoslavian culture in Germany and can result in longlasting relations and cooperations between the involved artists.


Independent Art


The nationalization and "ethnic cleansing" of culture in the republics of the former Yugoslavia is a steady process. It is strongly politically motivated and still - three years after the war – does not seem to have reached its peak. One important role of independent art is to undermine this homogenization and to explore lines which may bridge and cut some of the national divisions.

The selection of bands and artists for the festival has been made with the filters "independent" and "experimental". Even though both of these traits are uncelarly defined and it is certainly not easy to assign them as an outsider, there seems to be a core theme: Essentialy it is the counterposition to the national mainstream-culture as well as to the growing influence of American and Western European popular culture.

The determination to develop a genuine style and mode of expression in the sense of a quasi-oppositional sub-culture is the common factor of the presented artists. The festival is meant to strengthen these structures by means of networking their working contexts.




Participating artists / groups



Forum Speakers



Most of the artists and musicians will be housed in the cultural-living centers K77, Lychener 60 and Kule. The club-rooms of K77 will function as the social centre of the festival. Here will be space for informal meetings, jam-sessions and artistic exchange - a central aspect of the whole festival.

In Bosnia and Hercegovina existing contacts with the Sarajevo Jazz Festival (Sarajevo) and the Parvarotti Music Center (Mostar) are helpful for the field outreach. Contacts in Croatia have been facilitated through the ARKZIN cultural magazine of Anti-War Campaign Zagreb. Serbian contacts were co-organized by B92 -Belgrade.






Laufende Ausstellungen:

Süd-Ost-Europa Kultur e.V.

Mladi Most (Photo)

Signed off (Subversive Balkan Comics und Polit-Karikaturen)

Oskar Prebanic (Copy Art)

Dragomir Krizic (Surreal Montage)




Lichtblick Kino (täglich)

19.30 Time of the Gypsies

22.00 Underground



Freitag 7.5

K77 Hoffest
DJs und Bands
Miodrazi (Buje), Nasher (Berlin)
SDO (Sarajevo)



Samstag 8.5

Süd-Ost-Europa Kultur e.V.

Forums Diskussion
Mit Arkzin (Zagreb), B92 (Belgrad), Slavenka Drakulic, Bora Cosic, Nenad Velickovic, Mod: R. Rossig (TAZ)



Dis Theatar (Banja Luka)

Experimentelles Theater



Radost (Sarajevo), Bertz Rache (Berlin)




Miodrazi (Buje),

B.R.K. (Mostar)

Konzert und Experimentalfilme


Sonntag 9.5


Theater im Palais

Lesung und Diskussion:

Bora Cosic, Nenad Velickovic, Slavenka Drakulic



Ranko the Killer (Sarajevo)




Dis Theatar (Banja Luka)

Experimentelles Theater


Verein der Visionäre

Krasnaja (Berlin)

Russische Lieder




Electronic Sounds


Montag 10.5

18:00 -20:00 EX Info und Diskussion

Unterstützung für Radio B92



Dis Theatar (Banja Luka), Ambrosia (Sajajevo)

Experi-mentelles Theater


Verein der Visionäre B.R.K.(Mostar)

Electronic Sounds


Dienstag 11.5


Humboldt Uni- Krähenfuß

Information und Diskussion

Unterstützung für Radio B92


K77 (Draußen)

Hinter Haus Productions (Berlin)

Tanz, Text, Bilder


Mittwoch 12.5


Lichtblick Kino

Experimentelle Videos vom Balkan


Süd Ost Europa Kultur e.V.

Lesung Nenad Velickovic (Sarajevo)


Tacheles (Hof)

Ambrosia (Sarajevo), Performance



Zhel (Pula) Radost(Sarajevo)


Organized by:
Stilkamm 5 1/2 e.V.
Kastanienallee 77
10435 Berlin
Tel ++49-30-440 474 57
Fax: ++49-30-443 587 87
Co-organized by:
Suedost europa kultur e.V:
SJD Die Falken
Sponsored by:
Netzwerk Selbsthilfe e.V.
Senatsverwaltung Berlin
Kulturamt Mitte
Kulturladen Prenzlauer Berg
AStA TU und FU, RefRat HU
Schueler Helfen Leben
Fachschaft Slavistik HU
Modern Graphics Comics
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Eimer: Rosenthaler Str. 68 - U-Rosenthaler Platz
K77 / Lichtblick Kino: Kastanienallee 77 - U-Eberswalder Str.
Kule: Auguststr. 10 - S-Oranienburger Str.
Pfefferberg: Schoenhauser Allee 176 - U-Senefelder Platz
Schokoladen: Ackerstr. 169 - U-Rosenthaler Platz
Suedost Europa Kultur e.V.: Grossbeerenstr. 88 - U-Moeckernbruecke
Tacheles: Oranienburger Str. 64 - U-Oranienburger Str.
Verein der Visionaere: Am Flutgraben 1 - U-Schlesisches Tor
Theater im Palais: Am Festungsgraben 1 - S-Friedrichstr.
Kraehenfuss: HU Berlin, Dorotheenstr. - S-Friedrichstr.
Cafe Kastanie: Kastanienallee 85 - U-Eberswalder Str.