PC Tools:

Downloadable AWE32 Tools:


Size Kind Information To use
awet1g4.zip 288k AWE32 Control Replace the original AWE Control configuration  
esbk121.zip 453kb SBK editor like Viena construct SFB  
awe32faq.zip 20k doc FAQ importent 
sbw95_up.zip 308k update driver update use SF2 bankwith AWE 32

AWE Toy:

awetoy.jpg (59178 Byte)

Nice multifunktionsprogramm around the CreativeLabs AWE 32. It allow to change many soundfunktions and some MIDI- tricks like Arpeggiator..


Good tool likeViena with some more funktions. Great if you want to loop samples.


Answers about alls control changes and more.


With this update you can use SF2 banks, that you make with Viena 95.


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