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My name is Frank, 31 years old and I live in Braunschweig, Germany. I make music with my wommen Franca. I work as automations techniker. My hobbys are with musik, computer and electronic.

With music I started at 1989 on a AMIGA 500 and Soundtracker. A couple of years later I used MED because it suported MIDI. With a friend we had some shows at discotheques and so on. (with an AMIGA, MED and a hand full DISKS of songs ;-) )

A big step was  my first expander (Roland SC-55). At the same time I become my 1st sequencerprogramm - Bars&Pipes. But short time later I understand that the sounds of the SC-55 are not up to date. So I think that a sampler was the best alternativ for me. But a studio one is to expensive for me. So I buy a PC and a AWE32 soundcard with 28MB sample ram. 

1998 I get the Music Production Synthesizer QS300 by Yamaha to arrange easy quick songs, because i don´t have to make drum pattern, basslines aso.


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