Downloadable OWN MP3 songs:


Size Date Art
Move your body 3.459mb 20.03.99 Dance
Kalkofe vs Drews 3.723mb 05.05.97 Comedy
Sprst du mich 3.398mb 10.04.99 Slow Pop
Nighttrain 3.400mb 23.10.97 Dance
You and me 3.240mb 12.04.01 Dance
Panalex 4.492mb 03.09.94 Dance
Silent Dream 4.505mb 08.09.94 Dance
2Groove 3.240mb 20.03.00 Dance
Im a man 3.660mb 20.03.98 Pop
Light 3.592mb 03.08.99 Dreams
Flute 2.805mb 08.08.99 Dreams
Crystall 4.135mb 09.08.99 Dreams
Du hast... 3.398mb 11.04.99 Slow Pop NEW
Merlin 2.923mb 08.08.99 Dreams NEW
Digidu 5,954mb 05.03.97 TranceNEW


Some old Songs from a time before MIDI and 16 Bit. Noisetracker and MED as sequencer and a
verry cheap 5 Channel mixer. A Densai EC 2018 CB Radio mice as reverb microphone.


Gre Datum Art Bemerkung
Love by night 5.9mb 20.06.89 Pop NEW my first song
I want to say that... 7.54mb 05.05.92 Pop NEW MED
You and me 6.04mb 17.08.93 Pop NEW MED
Open your heart 5.34 29.07.93 Trance NEW first bars and pipes song
Im feeling free 6.04mb 07.09.94 Dance NEW  
Happy Song 4.10mb 24.02.03 Dance NEW nice song, bot I have no ideas about the voices

 If youd download a song please send me a mail if you like it.


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