Downloadable Bars&Pipes tools

Name Größe Art Information Verwendung
awectrl.lha 9k PipelineTool AWE 32 control Filtern, trance, techno
awep.lha 10k PipelineTool like awectrl.lha with more slider Filtern, trance, techno
super16.lha 0.6K Macro Tool 16 time arpregator Sequencer lines 303 like
pattern.lha 4.6k Pattern diverse Pattern / loops Chord lines
dk80.lha 14k PipelineTool DK80 control Parametic tool
awedyn.lha 6k PipelineTool Velocity high Silent sequenzes
realroom.lha 4k PipelineTool Panorama right/left - front/rear ! Room effekts
super16b.lha 21k PipelineTool 16 time arpregator Sequencer 303 like
bpdrum1.lha 20k Pattern Bars&Pipes drum loops Pop           
bpdrum2.lha 14k Pattern Dance drum loops Dance       
bpdrum3.lha 20k Pattern Techno drum loops Techno     
parout.lha 7k ARexx Tool Control the parallelport via MIDI Control any devices

AWE32 Control:

arexx.jpg (14310 Byte)

To control the AWE32 via Bars&PipesPipes.

Super 16:

A Macrotool with two Super 8 tools to get 16 sequencer steps.


Diverse basslines, drumloops...


Six tool to configurate the DK-80 synth from SIEL

dk80.jpg (14676 Byte)


A tool that converts the velocity to the cut off filter. Play a silent note the instrument is low. Play it louder it is higher, understand ? download and try you self.


You can place a sound center, left right AND front or rear. In the rear case more reverb will add to the sound and the volume is lower.


Super 16b:

A 16 step Arpregator with special AWE 32 funktionen (filter)

super16b.jpg (42770 Byte)



are 2 tools. A litle ARexx programm and a Bars & Pipes song. With this tool you can control the parallelport of your AMIGA. That means you play a note and bits are set to the parallelport. If you have a litle know how to build a interface you can control any non midi equipment (if possible). I´ve modifty my ALESIS Microverb III to set my values via Bars & Pipes.


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