Tips for Bars & Pipes:


Toccata under Bars & Pipes:

If you have got a Toccata Soundcard and want to use it under Bars & Pipes , schould (in my opinon) NOT buy the 79DM Tool. It will not work, because after a while it always will break down. Here is how you do it:

You can download a standart configuration here->  download

Recording is not possible, but you can let Samplitude run next to it. Also you should preload the samples, if you donīt do that the samples will not be syncron, because of the litte time errors and there will always be a some of it.


With this tool i made the Kalkofe song. Downloadable on this sides.


Echo with the Super 8 tool


To perform your instrument with a simple echo you have to place the echo tool in your pipeline. For this one of you who like to change something is her an other variation.

  1. Place the Super8 like in the picture. Make a pipeline from the top track to the button track (unused).
  2. Turn of the 1st part of the Super 8 tool to make sure no doubble tons were played.
  3. Set the slider like the picture. the 1st is to transpose, the 2nd the volume the 3rd the panorama ....
  4. Set the echo distance

The best by this is that you can controll the panorama and that it plays cleaner as the other echo tool.

Who it like can increase the reverb value of this track to set the lead voice in front


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